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Owner: The Travel Trainer on 30A, NaturBaker 


  • Nationally Recognized Trainer/Coach

  • SWFD Ocean Lifeguard

  • XPT Certified Coach

  • Certified Personal Trainer

  • Over 20+ Years Experience

  • 2018 Emerald Coast Personal Trainer of the Year

  • IRONMAN Competitor

  • Pinhoti 100 Finisher

  • Honored with Sean Miller day May 15th, Alabama

  • Professional Personal Development Speaker

  • Collegiate Athlete, Eckerd College

  • Philanthropist

  • Logan Eye Care Brand Ambassador (Maui Jim’s, Revo, State Optical)




"Sean Miller’s influence added momentum and new life to our corporate weight loss program. His unconventional teaching methods took our employees out of the classroom and into challenging, but fun, outdoor workout sessions. Sean reinforced the importance of being one’s best self in every aspect, including physically, spiritually, and mentally. His relentless positivity and lead-by-example attitude make him one of the best trainers any individual or company could hope to work with."


Ashley Morris, Wellness Consultant for Valley Rubber, LLC 

"After a few weeks, I noticed a BIG difference in my skill level and confidence. Sean really got me prepared for soccer at the next level!"


Molly N. 

"Sean is inspiring, motivational, and determined to find a way to help you succeed! I saw results within a few weeks and I was quickly able to bust through my running plateau."


April P. 

"Sean's diverse array of training techniques make running enjoyable and energetic! His 45 minute training sessions are utilized to the fullest!"


Sam W. 

"Sean is a positive & great guy with tons of knowledge. I really enjoy the XPT classes, he make it fun to make progress."

Matt Osgood


"I just completed my first pool workout with Sean. I highly recommend this to anyone! Sean made me feel comfortable underwater, but pushed me to do exercises I’ve never done before. If you are thinking about working with Sean, definitely do it!!"

Jonah Allen



My sister in law and I trained 4 days during Thanksgiving week with Sean.  Was really amazing! Great, and very creative work-outs and we had high expectations that were exceeded! Plus the ice bath therapy was awesome! Learned a lot too! Highly recommend Sean!"

Keith Hausmann





We aim to help people be the most versatile and resilient human beings possible.


BREATHE: Breathing is the foundation of everything. Proper breathing influences blood circulation, brain function, emotional states and movement mechanics... EVERYTHING.

MOVE: Programs consist of low impact pool workouts, joint specific mobility routines, high intensity training and nature workouts. In our system, we move in an increasingly challenging way, aligning with the natural design of the human body.

RECOVER: Recovery is a necessary element of reaching new heights in performance. We advocate specific uses of both heat and cold therapy, coupled with recovery based nutrition (learn more at


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